Info for Judges

The 2019 UCSC Games Showcase will be happening throughout the Digital Arts Research Center at UCSC on June 8 (the designated judge's day, though you're welcome to attend Sunday as well!), and the easiest way to get there is through the West Gate rather than the Main Gate. The West Gate is on Heller Drive off of Empire Grade. 

Here’s a Google Map link for the building: Digital Arts Research Center

Parking and Check-In

You can park in Parking Lot 126, where we will have event parking set up. There will be staff selling parking passes who will have your names on a list. Just let them know you are a judge for the Games Showcase and they will give you complimentary pass. 

Proceed to the main entrance to the building on the first floor. There will be a table set up in the lobby where you can check in and someone will show you to the Judges’ Room. 


Judging will start at 10:00am, but please try to arrive by 9:30am if possible, so we can go over the award categories and judging criteria. We’ll have coffee, fruit and bagels for you starting at 9:00am.

You will each have a number of specific teams assigned to you and we’ll have student volunteers who will help you keep on schedule and to run your score sheets back to the judges’ room, for running tabulation. Once you have gotten through your assigned teams, you are free to talk to and judge as many other games as you’d like. 

We want students to get time with as many judges as possible, but we also realize we have lots of games for you to play! 

We have reserved access to the showcase from 10am-1pm on Saturday for judges only, after which the general public will be invited to join in and play games. 

We’ll have snacks and drinks in the judges' room whenever you need to take a break and we’ll meet back there at 1:00 to compare notes, make sure judges have visited every game, break any ties we have, and pick our wildcard “Banana” award. 

Other Things to do at the Showcase

If you're interested, there will be ongoing games research presentations after we finish judging. See the research talks page for more info. 

And there will be many more activities on Sunday.