UCSC Games Showcase 2019


The 2019 UCSC Games Showcase was a huge success! Thanks to all who exhibited, presented, and everyone who attended to support these fantastic designers, artists, engineers, and researchers.

Check out the award winnersphotos, recorded research talks, and full list of games!


Saturday and Sunday, June 8-9, 2019

Digital Arts Research Center and Media Theater
407 McHenry Road, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Quick Links: List of GamesInfo for Judges | Awards Categories | Research Talks | Peer Choice Award Voting

Check out the future of games in one of the largest student game festivals in the country! The UCSC Games Showcase (previously known as the Sammy Showcase) celebrates undergraduate and graduate game design from the 2018-19 academic year, particularly highlighting games from the senior class's year-long capstone sequence. The exhibit will feature video games, tabletop games, research talks, student artists, and games-related community activities. This event is free, family friendly, and open to all.

For the first time this year, we will have an Artist Alley, Used Game Swap Meet, a game trivia session, and a Fighting Game Community (FGC) play space, in addition to the main exhibit and research talks!


Quick Schedule

Saturday, June 8

Games Judging (judges & participants only) 10am-1pm
Games Expo 1-5pm
Research Talks 12-5pm
Artist Alley 1-5pm
Slug Gaming's Competitive Corner 1-5pm

Sunday, June 9

Games Expo 11am-3:30pm
Artist Alley 11am-4pm
Game Swap Meet 11am-1pm
Slug Gaming's Competitive Corner 11am-3pm
GDA Game Trivia Show 1-2pm
Exhibition Cleanup (for exhibitors only) 3:30-4pm
Closing Ceremony 4-5pm


What to do at the Showcase

Game Expo
Play student games! What it's all about. Check out the games being exhibited here
Saturday 10am-1pm (judges only), and 1-5pm / Sunday 11am-3:30pm in the DARC

Research Talks
UCSC is one of the top games research institutions in the world. Watch presentations about cutting-edge research from professors and graduate students across campus. See also: research talk schedule and talk descriptions
Saturday 12-5pm in the Media Theater

Artist Alley
Browse and buy art created by student game artists, including prints, stickers, and sculpture. Bring cash or Venmo/Paypal!
Saturday 1-5pm / Sunday 11am-4pm in the second floor hallway of DARC

Game Swap Meet
Buy/sell/exchange your used videogames, boardgames, or other game paraphernalia. No prior registration required! Bring your stuff, put it on a table, and stay as long as you'd like! Bring cash or Venmo/Paypal.
Sunday 11am-1pm in front of the DARC building

GDA Game Trivia Show
Test your knowledge of games and win prizes in this beginner-friendly, lighthearted trivia game, run by the Game Design Art Collaboration Club (GDA)! Quiz topics include: Nintendo Games, Popular Games, Retro Games, UCSC Showcase Games, and Indie Games
Sunday 1-2pm in DARC 343

Slug Gaming's Competitive Corner
Check out the Competitive Corner hosted by Slug Gaming! On Saturday, bring and play your favorite competitive games (Smash Ultimate will be provided). On Sunday, compete in mini tournaments with mystery competitive games and a final tournament of Squish with casters. Beginners welcome!

Smash Ultimate and Open Play Space - 1-5pm

Mystery Tournament 1 - 11am-12pm
Mystery Tournament 2 - 12-1pm
Mystery Tournament 3 - 1-2pm
Casted Squish Tournament - 2-3pm

All in DARC 108

Closing Ceremony
Celebrate a year in review of games at UCSC and see the awards (the "Sammys") being announced, as chosen by esteemed judges from the games industry (even though the awards aren't as important as the exhibition of all these great games!).
Sunday 4-5pm in the Media Theater



Questions? Contact Bennett Williamson at: bennett.williamson [at] ucsc.edu

Presented by Games and Playable Media, Digital Arts and New Media, Computational Media, and the Center for Games and Playable Media at UCSC.