Artist Alley

For the first time this year, student games artists will exhibit art, including prints, stickers, and sculpture. Second floor hallway of DARC, Saturday 1-5pm, and Sunday 11am-4pm. Bring cash or Venmo/Paypal!

The Artists

Joyce Lin

@ladeedadoo2 on IG

In addition to making art for the games dinosaurily, Queering Spacetime, and Origin Trail, joyce creates technicolor photography in her free time. her favorite color is pink and favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip. 

Erika Dunn

@threeofcrows on Twitter and IG

illustrator, pixel artist, character designer, writer 

Vivian Pham

@artsy_vii on artstation and instagram

Holly Cheng

@Asterranaut on Twitter and IG

Howdy, everyone! My name is Holly, and I'm a game design major focusing on character design and character art! I did work for Seeds of Love and Killer Outfit, so please check them out as well!! :-) 

Linda Xieu


Hi! I'm Rin and I'm an aspiring game designer that draws stuff. I've fallen into the mobage pit and I can't get out. I like making cute merch. 

Evita Lobo

Traditional artist/painter. Lead on VR game Window Pane!

Janel Catajoy

@surejanel on Twitter and IG

Originally hailing from Glendale in SoCal, Janel Catajoy is a FIlipinx-American illustrator, character designer, and programmer. They're a 3rd Year AGPM student + pursuing a Computer Science minor at UCSC. They're also an editor for Play! magazine. 

Evie Chang

@mudmonsterclayworks on IG

She/her, Part time maker of cool things, full time eater of chocolate ice cream. Game Art/Ceramics/Cosplay/Painting 

Reshma Zachariah

@reshmaszart on IG

She/her, Digital illustrator and game dev, founder and editor in chief of Play! magazine! 

Play! Magazine

Check out our 48 page first issue debut at UGS! Play magazine invites a conversation about the arts and games, bringing you a curated collection of student work in visual arts and writing. Contact us at and follow @PLAYvisualarts on Twitter!