2018 Winners

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize is awarded for overall excellence in game design, art, and audio.

  1. Kleptonaut
  2. Lumin
  3. Writer's Block

Peer Choice Award

The Peer Choice Award is voted on publicly during the Showcase.

  1. Bookend
  2. (tie) Everybody's Sad & Lumin
  3. Loot Box Simulator

Studio Award

  1. Dash Quasar
  2. Peace and Order
  3. Journey Through Memories

Design Innovation

Special recognition is given to the game that shows the most creative design elements.

  1. Dash Quasar
  2. Everybody's Sad
  3. Typocrypha

Audio Award

The Audio Award goes to the team that uses sound most effectively in their game.

  1. Journey Through Memories
  2. Juanito el Nahualito
  3. Writer's Block

Technical Innovation

The game with the sharpest coding and software gets the Technical Achievement Award.

  1. Major League Magic
  2. NEMO-Net
  3. Journey Through Memories

Visual Art

The Visual Art Award goes to the game with the most beautiful art design.

  1. Writer's Block
  2. Bookend
  3. Inkless