Research Talks

For the first time this year, the Sammy Showcase will host a track of presentations about games research from professors and graduate students across campus, covering topics as diverse as Japanese boardgames of the 1980s, deep learning for play recognition, tutorial design, generative art, and digital augmentation for analog play. The research presentation track is free, open to the public, and co-located with the main game exhibit of the Sammy Showcase.

The talks will be in room 2155, and will also be streamed on at 1:20-6pm PST with 30-minute breaks at 2:30 and 4:30.

See the research talk descriptions page for more info about each one.

Research Presentations Program Chair: Melanie Dickinson

Session 1: Game Studies • 1:20-2:30
Session Chair: Noah Wardrip-Fruin
1:20 Opening Remarks Jim Whitehead
1:30 Grimes' Fairy Tales: A 1960s Story Generator James Ryan
1:45 The Hidden History of Bandai Board Games, 1980–90 Nathan Altice
2:00 Why Critical Game Studies Matters Soraya Murray
2:15 Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Content-based Retrieval for Videogames Adam Smith
2:30 Break 
Session 2: Game Design • 3-4:30
Session Chair: Susana Ruiz
3:00 The Poetics of Games or: Another lens for thinking about the expressive potential of digital/computational/interactive media Jordan Magnuson
3:15 Reparative Game Design: Emotion, Queerness, Disability, and Environmentalism Kara Stone
3:30 An Exploration of Interactive Paradox Cyril Focht
3:45 Talin - A Better Way to Make Tutorials Batu Aytemiz
4:00 Monster Carlo: Machine playtesting for Unity games Oleksandra Keehl
4:15 SpokeIt: A Mobile Speech Therapy Game Jared Duval
4:30 Break 
Session 3: Generative Methods • 5-6
Session Chair: Jim Whitehead
5:00 Surprise! The Joy of Generative Art Kate Compton
5:15 Procedural Content Generation with WaveFunctionCollapse Isaac Karth
5:30 Proceduralizing Character Development with Parametrized Storylets Max Kreminski
5:45 Generative Soundtracks for Oral Storytelling Lucas N. Ferreira


Some graduate student researchers—including some of the speakers above (Jordan Magnuson and Max Kreminiski)—will also be exhibiting research projects in the exhibit. See the complete list of those projects at

There will also be senior game presentations at 1:00-4:30pm in room 2165 (the room next door to the research presentations) and on

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