The Awards

A faculty awards committee developed new award categories for 2019.

The awards are open to all games shown at the Showcase, except where indicated by the Capstone prefix.

One winner and any number of unranked honorable mentions can be recognized.

Grand Prize Award

Overall excellence

Winner: Wacktory
Honorable Mentions: Squish, Seeds of Love

Peer Choice Award

Award for overall excellence, as chosen by UCSC student votes during the showcase

Winner: MagiSpire
Honorable Mentions: Wacktory, Squish

Design Innovation Award

Recognition for most creative or innovative design elements

Winner: Spellbook
Honorable Mentions: Seeds of Love, Wacktory

Audio Award

Most impactful sound design and/or music

Winner: Hidden Harmony
Honorable Mentions: Seeds of Love, Bashful Baker, Resonant Waves: Immersed in Geometry

Visual Art Award

Excellence in visual art

Winner: Savor Saber
Honorable Mentions: V.I.T.R.I.O.L., Squish

Impact Award

Recognizes socially engaged work

Winner: Code-Switching
Honorable Mentions: Chrysalis, In Your Shoes

Worldbuilding Award

Excellence in traditional, interactive, or environmental narrative

Winner: Savor Saber
Honorable Mentions: Origin Trail, Spellbook, Seeds of Love

Capstone Production Award

Excellence in production, teambuilding, and creative collaboration

Winner: Squish
Honorable Mentions: MagiSpire, Rise

Capstone Technical Innovation Award

Winner: Robits
Honorable Mentions: Spellbook

B-A-N-A-N-A-S Award

Amazing, unexpected, weird, doesn't fit into other categories but deserves recognition

Winner: Resonant Waves: Immersed in Geometry
Honorable Mentions: Chrysalis, I Will Be Your Eyes and Hands